a trance dance lab

30 Aug–31 Aug 2019

Berlin, DE


…  a trance dance lab

Co-facilitated by Emma Howes & Justin Kennedy

Workshop 30-31st Aug, 2019

10 – 18 @ Lindower Straße 22

13347, Berlin

The front door will be open, just push it.

Alive is a lab series conceived and co-facilitated by Emma Howes & Justin Kennedy researching the experience and analysis of trance forms. Alive plunges without hierarchy into various trance states and operatic voice practices. The laboratory addresses the challenges of interpreting transcendental experience into live performance.

Sliding scale 25 – 50 € will generously go toward reimbursing  us after auto-producing Alive …  a durational lucid opera in Porto this summer.
Wear comfortable attire. No previous experience necessary – just be present.

And don’t forget … Drop ins are welcome!