Associazione Culturale Spettro
Bang Bang Baroque(n): an excerpt

20 Apr–20 Apr 2023


Brescia, Italy

Associazione Culturale Spettro will present an excerpt of Bang Bang Baroque in the context of MO.CA. Suona Festival. The performance will be presented in the Noble Apartment at Mo.CA. Cultural Centre, Palazzo Martinengo, via moretto 78, Brescia:

Aria Monumental will greet guests at the entrance to the Palazzo Martinengo; through a series of inhalations exhalations and exaltations, they will guide visitors through the architecture as a stage for soundscapes and inspirations to take place, as they witness Battle inflate and deflate.

BATTLE Emma Waltraud Howes

ARIA MONUMENTAL co-comp. & vocals Kinga Ötvös

Composition Jacob Stoy

Sound design Adam Asnan

Production Manager Marie Glassl