Associazione Culturale Spettro
Manageable Matter

20 Apr–20 Apr 2023


Brescia, Italy

Associazione Culturale Spettro will present an excerpt of Manageable Matter in the context of MO.CA. Suona Festival. The performance will be presented in the Noble Apartment at Mo.CA. Cultural Centre, Palazzo Martinengo, via moretto 78, Brescia:

Manageable Matter is a performative workshop dedicated to the ritual of “soft head-banging” and the practice of improvisation and adaptability as life tools in times of precarity. In contrast to the violent head-banging associated with death metal music, “soft head-banging” instead appropriates the gesture and transforms it by emphasizing bodily care. In the guided process of the workshop, guests are encouraged to amplify their movements and express their personal intentions with clarity to the furthest reaches of their capabilities and imagination.

Photo Credit: Cannibalizing the Conductor © Derek Howard, Emma W. Howes, Justin F. Kennedy (2022) Photo: Dino Rekanovic