Giants Deliver Diamonds
In the Center of one’s own Periphery

03 Dec–03 Dec 2019

Studio im Hochhaus

Berlin, DE

In the Center of one’s own Periphery – Emma Waltraud Howes

Six Performances, 2019 (Part 6)

Curated by Anja Ibsch and Teena Lange

After a successful first year (2018) of the performance series at the communal gallery studio im HOCHHAUS, Anja Ibsch and Teena Lange once again invite six artists who work performatively and time-based. Not every act has to be self-acting; one can also act about oneself with a certain distance. Especially if something expected is not performed. As humans we can distinguish between actions that we perform or omit. Time, place and intention often play their own roles in relation to each other. Why does it make sense to talk about omitted actions? What is at core, what is in_adequate and what is the periphery supposed to be?
There will be moderated discussions with the artists after the performances. The gallery space could be left peripherally.

Giants deliver Diamonds – Emma Waltraud Howes

They will enter and exit your peripheral vision through an instant and constant labour. We invite you to multiply your perspective and gaze at transitional entropy factors, as they oscillate between object and subject. There will be a score to frame these gestural utterances as evidence of a constant and responsive decision-making process. Lucid they saunter: a boy band serenades you, a smoke machine spurts and gurgles. Sedna will stir the pot and shiver to loosen the threads while seals are born from blood, and giants turn refuse into gold. Octopi sleep in this Technicolor dream: frolic inside the murky. Come and go as you please inside these ritualistic agencies.

Performance 7 – 9pm, conversation afterwards