Austrian Filmmuseum ImpulsTanz 2023
Cannibalizing the Conductor

29 Jul–29 Jul 2023


Vienna, AU

Cannibalizing the Conductor will be screened as part of theĀ Austrian Filmmuseum ImpulsTanz 2023

Cannibalizing the Conductor is a hybrid film that combines dance with narrative and documentary filmmaking techniques to encourage deep observation of trance. Upheld for an extended duration, a group of performers improvise in various lucid states that are altered by imaginative, movement and vocal-based tasks. Each performer moves and is moved by the camera. Interacting with each other and the camera itself, they engage with the filmic gaze to celebrate their own agency, while disrupting the monocular focus of the camera lens. They get out of their own way to channel newly uncovered knowledge through the forms of music, dance, sound, and ultimately the eye of the camera.