Children for or Against the Destruction of Birds
a non-linear artist presentation

30 Sep 2018
Artist Presentation


Berlin, DE

On the last day of her exhibition The Nine Returns to The One, Emma W. Howes will give a presentation at Centrum discussing her research into translation, proprioceptive communication, and non-verbal modes of protest, topics that she recently explored at residencies in Norway and London.

The same subjects inform her exhibition, which opens up with a letter of agreement hanging on the glass window, a contract between the audience, artists and the institution, which leads the visitor into a collection of scores appearing on the floor and along the wall – these include a projection of the original score for The Nine Returns to the One, and a series of delicate multi-layered drawings documenting the recent interpretation of the score by professional dancers. All the while the room is permeated by an intriguing and somewhat unsettling sound.