labour, ritual, and civilization

07 Sep–29 Sep 2018

Our House

Hamburg, DE

dreiküchenhaus | labour, ritual, and civilization is a performance that brings together three different living spaces in one constellation: the former Gängeviertel – with its narrow alleys and close living quarters, Einküchenhäuser – a short-lived experiment where hired hands cooked for an entire community, and an unclassified zone.

The performance creates three rooms/spaces, three kitchens: Variation I, II, & III. Those three spaces are mapped out for the audience who are invited to follow these three scores, maps, tracks, or paths to negotiate the public and the private, collective and individual, active and passive, watching and engaging, within an abstract architectural/sculptural space.

These three variations are condensed into a single score that will be enacted over the course of two evenings by a sole labouring body as one of many examples of quality, rhythm, and gait. Converging at a meeting point between these diverse trajectories of observation and embodiment is a quagmire – where one can rest amidst a diversity of intentions to digest these surroundings.

This score has been provided for you, as a guide and an invitation for you to enter into this movement.