On Hospitality
Textur Mag

28 Sep 2018
Online Magazine

Textur Mag

Berlin, DE

The online magazine, Textur Mag, is a text-based territory that challenges the medium of written language to discover underlying structures that are palpable, though not necessarily visible. With this magazine, we aim to discover unconventional ways of writing about art and explore the (hidden) patterns, textures and languages of the current art system.

Our first issue – on hospitality – on one level will explore the medium of art exhibitions as a hospitable place and question how this form of hospitality correlates with current economic, political and social behaviour. It will also consider ‘hospitality’ from different perspectives, taking the work of various artists as points of departure into other territories.

The issue is featuring interviews with artists Jeewi Rosa Lee and Khadija Zinnenburg Carrolll, thoughts on the current exhibition of Emma Waltraud Howes at Centrum, artistic interventions by artists Martin Skauen and Bruno Fractale, as well an essay from us – the editors – about the concept behind the issue: why we chose to think about hospitality, and its relevance within the contemporary art scene in Berlin.

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