The Nine Returns to the One

14 Sep–30 Sep 2018

We are thrilled to welcome Emma W. Howes back to Centrum. She previously exhibited her sound sculpture Ram-tam-tam! Rat-a-tat-tat! at Centrum in the group exhibition Shades of Today: Picking up the Pieces Post-Truth, Summer 2017. We are now excited to have her back for a solo show featuring performative work, drawings and sculptures, based on her recent research into translation, proprioceptive communication, and the migratory patterns of birds. These are topics that she most recently explored at residencies in Norway and London.

The Nine Returns to The One consists of three scores, one for each performer, and a separate score for the spectators. Guests are invited to engage with the performance exhibition by following this notation as their guide.

Tether for an Engagement is a written agreement that accompanies the performance exhibition to highlight the relationship between all parties involved: THE ART WORK (Object(s)) / PERFORMER(s)(Subject(s)), SPECTATOR(s), and THE INSTITUTION, that supports the presentation of this collective encounter.

The accompanying soundtrack, Children for or Against the Destruction of Birds, is a translation of these accumulative scores.