Twisted Buoys
Centrum Berlin

22 Sep 2018

Twisted Buoys

Berlin, DE

As an extension of her solo show The Nine Returns to the One, Emma Waltraud Howes will introduce the movement methodology behind her practice. This method was developed to explore interdependencies – techniques for the comprehension of internalized borders, approaches for translation and magnification to an external site, and an oscillation between interior and exterior dynamics.

In the workshop Twisted Buoys, artist Emma Waltraud Howes will present practical exercises toward a method for supporting the agency and creativity of an individual. She will guide exercises for maintaining a tether amidst the chaos, operating from the viewpoint that each persons embodied history offers important information for survival: exercises include a frame to work within, and an exploration of the accumulative possibilities that occur when diverse individual skill sets encounter one another. Through variations on rhythm and gait, gravity and grace, this workshop aims to offer participants a bucket of tools to build upon. Together we will explore the benefits of improvisation and adaptability as tools to keep afloat in precarious times.