Related Primates
with Dafna Maimon


The Berlin Based artist and Camp Solong summer-camp counselor Dafna Maimon hosted three evenings with her ensemble Related Primates at KW’s Pogo Bar April 13–15, 2017.

The 10 member cast Related Primates engaged the audience with performative vignettes, participatory exercises, sculptural interventions and sensory stimulations using, edibles, sound and movement resulting in a 4 hour long non-verbal »directed experience«.

This »directed experience« aimed to lead the audience on an exploratory voyage, treading them deep into their own inner selves. Here the audience could meet their very own needy or vivacious inner-children and set these lose to reassess our western capitalist concepts of human nature, as the bar was transformed into a habitable collective emotional landscape.


  • Concept & Realization : Dafna Maimon
  • Ensemble Members: Dan Allon Tara Dominguez Laura Hemming-Lowe Jos McKain Marie-Delphine Rauhut Wissam Sader Jorge Vega Xinyue Zhang
  • Performer, Workshop Lead & Choreographer: Emma Waltraud Howes

Exhibition History

  • Related Primates
    Bob's Pogo Bar, KW
    Berlin, DE


Related Primates was part of ‘I am Hungry’ and it’s co-production by Agora Collective e.V. and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, funded by CAPP -Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme from Creative Europe Programme, Nordiska kulturfonden – Nordisk Kulturfond and Finnland-Institut in Deutschland.