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Cultural Center ZIL

Scores for Daily Living

26 Feb–03 Mar 2019

In this dynamic week long project of the Canadian artist Emma Waltraud Howes, Scores for Daily L...

Moscow, RU

homecomings 1, 2, 3, etc.

Book Launch
01 Jan 2019

Archive Books, 2018. Book launch date coming soon.


Berlin, DE

Tether for an Engagement

Berlin Art Institute

20 Nov–22 Nov 2018

In her lecture for Berlin Art Institute, Emma Waltraud Howes will discuss the benefits of improvisat...


Berlin, DE

Chain Opera

with Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst

05 Oct–09 Oct 2018

“Chain Opera” is a documentation of a multi-part Artificial Intelligence training performance co...

Chain Opera

Berlin, DE

Children for or Against the Destruction of Birds

a non-linear artist presentation

Artist Presentation
30 Sep 2018

On the last day of her exhibition The Nine Returns to The One, Emma W. Howes will give a pr...


Berlin, DE

On Hospitality

Textur Mag

Online Magazine
28 Sep 2018

The online magazine, Textur Mag, is a text-based territory that challenges the medium of written lan...

Textur Mag

Berlin, DE

Quantification Trilogy

Jeremy Shaw

26 Sep 2018

Introduction by the artist Screening of Quantification Trilogy, Germany 2014–18, DCP, colour,...

Tate Modern

London, UK

Twisted Buoys

Centrum Berlin

22 Sep 2018

As an extension of her solo show The Nine Returns to the One, Emma Waltraud Howes will intr...

Twisted Buoys

Berlin, DE

The Nine Returns to the One

14 Sep–30 Sep 2018

We are thrilled to welcome Emma W. Howes back to Centrum. She previo...

The Nine Returns to the One

Berlin, DE


labour, ritual, and civilization

07 Sep–29 Sep 2018

dreiküchenhaus | labour, ritual, and civilization is a performance that brings together three diffe...

Our House

Hamburg, DE