Language and other Body Parts

01 Dec–31 Jan 2024


Berlin, DE

We are happy to announce the vernissage of Emma Waltraud Howes upcoming exhibition Language and other Body Parts curated by Marie Glassl at Espace Diaphanes Berlin.

Vernissage & end-of-the-year party on 01. December

Espace Diaphanes

Dresdener Strasse 118, 10999 Berlin

The exhibition features artworks from several series and periods of Howes’ works, bringing together different aspects of the artists ongoing interest in the bodys connection to language and the translation between different media; between poetics and poiesis.

Examining the materiality of language and the way in which different parts of the body perform speech, the exhibition follows an Ariadne’s thread from Howes’ early to her most recent work. We catch a glimpse into her multifaced reconfigurations of body and space in which words and gestures, movement and drawing, sculpture and language are ceaselessly translated and transformed into one another.