Alive: workshop lab


Alive … & then Some is a lab + performance series conceived and co-facilitated by Emma Howes & Justin Kennedy researching the experience and analysis of trance forms as well as its translatability into live performance, namely taking the form of lucid (sci-fi) opera.  Alive … & then Some plunges without hierarchy into various trance states and operatic voice practices. Exercises include but are not limited to: Guided Meditation, Osho dynamic meditation, pinballing, group hypnosis, death growling, holy ghost method acting, headbanging, and metal baroque. Applying a method of deep observation, participants will not only practice the profound but also how to look at it. Through automatic response, exchange and journaling, the laboratory also addresses the challenges of interpreting transcendental experience.



  • Conceived and held by: Emma Howes & Justin Kennedy

Exhibition History

  • Alive: Workshop + lab
    Ateneu Comercial do Porto
    Porto, PT

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