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Intérieur is one of the rare dance-and-media performances in the world to be specifically conceived for an immersive environment. The work was presented as the inaugural event of the Satosphère, an immersive dome-shaped theatre devoted to artistic experimentation combining digital media, live performance, and culinary arts. The piece is an obsessive procession, a world where the unknown wields fascination and disgust, attraction and repulsion. In the attempt to provoke a feeling of extreme sensorial empathy in the spectator, Intérieur combines the experience of an immersive media environment with savoury delights and the excitement of a dance performance.


  • Artistic direction, visual concept & virtual imagery: Martin Kusch
  • Artistic direction, choreography & performance: Marie-Claude Poulin
  • Performance & associated artist: Emma Waltraud Howes
  • Sound design: Alexandre St-Onge
  • Virtual imagery production: Malte Niedringhaus & Franz Schubert
  • Costume design: Max Wohlkönig

Exhibition History

  • Intérieur
    The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]
    Montreal, CA