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Under the audience’s dissecting gaze, two dancers carrying out a set of tasks and subjective operations are eclipsed by the invasion of artificial organisms. [In code] embodies principles of mind-and-body practices as a conducting thread for dance and digital visualization. The piece is a 45 minutes dance and media performance involving two dancers to be presented in multi-functional theatres. Audience members sit on either side of the performance space. The seating is several meters high, allowing a bird’s-eye view of the action.


  • Concept & Artistic Direction: Marie Claude-Poulin & Martin Kusch
  • Performance & Choreographic Research: Marie Claude-Poulin & Emma Waltraud Howes
  • Media Environment & Scenography: Martin Kusch
  • Sound: Alexandre St-Onge
  • Costume: Max Wohlkönig

Exhibition History

  • [Incode]
    Ufer Studios
    Berlin, DE