Letzte Reduzierungen



  • CargoCult: Andrea Huyoff and Beate Huss
  • Durational performance: Emma Waltraud Howes
  • Text: Anna Gien
  • Voiceover: Anneke Schwabe


CargoCult is a global art cooperative by artist Andrea Huyoff and designer Beate Huss with temporary collaborators, initiated in 2012 during a workshop with migrant women. The duo employs political campaigns, performances and experimental research along with textile garments to form an endless collaborative process, aiming to let both content and cover move independently and find each other anew. Cargo Cult will exhibit their clothing label – A LOST BODY – and pick up the shell of their in process encyclopaedia THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, which focuses on the refracted, broken presentation of content to locate factual emotions and experiences in individual bodies and perspectives. The encyclopaedic work consists of A4 walled copies, containing gaps and empty pages that interrupt the linearity of normal storytelling to raise the question of who owns the dream called reality.