Wary Mary
with Dafna Maimon


Dafna Maimon creates a surround performance set in the historical teaching facility of the anatomical theater, built in 1790. Recalling the historical figure of Mary Mallon or ‘Typhoid Mary,’ a tabloid super-spreader who infected her employers, Maimon humorously explores both viral and psychological contagion. The social pressure on women to have children is pervasive; Maimon stages an absurdist situation in which the female body and psyche is shaped and stretched. The piece is developed through artistic research in dialog with TAT and contemporary academic perspectives on gender and biopolitics.


  • Concept and Realization: Dafna Maimon
  • Curated by: Adela Yawitz & Anna Gien
  • Performers: Lulu Obermayer, Rosalind Masson, Leah Katz, Emma Waltraud Howes.
  • Music: Nathan Gray

Exhibition History

  • Wary Mary
    Tieranatomisches Theater
    Berlin, DE


Presented in collaboration with the Tieranatomisches Theater and within its “Month of Feminist Performance”.

Dafna Maimon’s new work is produced with Künstlerhaus Bremen. A continuation of the artist’s performance “Wary Mary” is on view at her solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bremen from 21.9-17.11.2019.

ASSEMBLE is made possible through the Hauptstadtkulturfonds – Capital Cultural Funds, Berlin.