Alive ... & then Some
Emma Waltraud Howes & Just in F Kennedy


Gone, yet still composing … 

Shifting fictions collectively.

Alive … & then Some is a workshop + performance series conceived by Emma Waltraud Howes & Just in F Kennedy to research and analyze the experience and translatability of trance forms. The attempt to reach and analyze different states of trance is at the core of the workshop portion of this series. The performance aspect focuses on how to translate these seemingly interior, and personal processes of profound or transcendental experience, into collective material suitable for live performance. Applying a methodology of deep observation developed in Wormhole Through Your Brain[1], Alive … & then Some plunges without hierarchy into various trance states. Exercises include but are not limited to: Osho dynamic mediation, Ba gua, sacred helixing, internal wave energy, group hypnosis, holy ghost method acting, soft headbanging, wavebouncing, and metal baroque. Through remembrance, automatic response, screenings, readings and archiving, the workshop discusses the analytic aspects of trance forms to address the challenges of documenting and interpreting profound experience. The materials generated through this practice are processed through a choreographic and theatrical `wood chipper` and spat out as a live performance in the form of a lucid (sci-fi) opera.


  • Arranged by: Ana Roche
  • Photographer: Tara Chumpelik
  • By, With, For: Justin Francis Kennedy, Caspar Rode, Andreas Gurewich, Vlad Gurewich, Dylan Spencer Davidson, Emma Waltraud Howes, Florian Lenz, Lauryn Youden, Tara Chumpelik, & Helena Remeijers Molhoek

Exhibition History

  • Alive ... & then Some
    Palácio Ateneu Comercial do Porto
    Porto, PT
  • Wormhole Through Your Brain
    Impulstanz Vienna
    Vienna, AU
  • Wormhole Through Your Brain
    Impulstanz Vienna
    Vienna, AU


[1] Alive … & then Some is a spin-off of the workshop Wormhole Through Your Brain by Jeremy Shaw and Just in F Kennedy, that took place at Impulstanz Vienna in 2016/17, and out of whose research spawn the science fiction short by Jeremy Shaw entitled Liminals, which features several participants from the original workshop series including Emma Waltraud Howes.

Alive … & then Some has since transitioned into a workshop + performance series co-facilitated by Emma Waltraud Howes & Just in F Kennedy researching not merely the experience and analysis of trance forms, but in addition its translatability into live performance, namely a lucid (sci-fi) opera.

Special thanks to the ghosts of the gentlemen’s club

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