Alive ... & then Some
Emma Waltraud Howes & Justin Francis Kennedy


The attempt to reach and analyze different states of trance is at the center of the workshop conducted by Justin F. Kennedy and Emma Waltraud Howes. Using a wide range of physical, psychological and research-based exercises, “Alive … & then Some” will encourage a dialogue on transcendental experience and its explanation. In a pseudo laboratory-style environment, participants will use physical and psychological exercises and observations to explore and interpret various forms of trances. These exercises may include Osho meditation, sacred helixing, internal wave energy, hypnosis, gentle moshing, as well as voice and movement techniques. For the two artists, it is just as important to experience altered states of consciousness as it is to gain critical distance. Through remembrance, automatic responses, screenings, readings and archiving, the workshop will discuss the analytic aspects of trance forms and address the challenges of documenting and interpreting profound experiences. “Alive … & then Some” is a spin-off of a workshop organized in 2016/17, “Wormhole Through Your Brain” held at Impulstanz in Vienna in cooperation with the artist Jeremy Shaw. Jeremy Shaw is currently featured in the exhibition “Blind Faith” with his film “Liminals,” which features Emma Waltraud Howes.


  • Arranged by: Ana Roche
  • Photographer: Tara 'RagTag' Chumpelik
  • By, With, For: Justin Francis Kennedy, Caspar Rode, Zee Lombardi, Vlad Gurewich, Dylan Spencer Davidson, Emma Waltraud Howes, Florian Lenz, Lauryn Youden, Tara 'RagTag' Chumpelik, & Helena Remeijers Molhoek

Exhibition History

  • Alive ... & then Some
    Palácio Ateneu Comercial do Porto
    Porto, PT
Part of Workshops Project