The Nine Returns to the One

marley, video projection, exciter amplifiers, digital print, pencil on layered vellum
59.5 x 42 cm

The installation of The Nine Returns to the One, consists of a series of drawings that informed the making of the performance of the same name. These works consist of three scores—one for each performer, and a separate score for the spectators. An additional score acts as a translation of these accumulative notations, which provided the foundation for a composer to create the accompanying soundtrack, Children for or against the Destruction of Birds. The soundscape is amplified in the space via exciter amplifiers attached to the electric heating elements. Black Marley (a material used for dance floors) covers the floor to accommodate the audience score that pours out on the street in front of the storefront gallery as an invitation to enter.

Exhibition History

  • The Nine Returns to the One
    Berlin, DE

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This project is supported by the Canadian Embassy in Berlin.