Bang Bang Baroque FILM
A hyper-glitch Opera


‘At first gaze, this hyper-glitch Opera is incongruously out of time. One enters another world: meets mushrooms and corals, glass artichoke-hand grenades, the cross-section of which recur in graphic scores – cartographies that in turn provide the basis for the choreographic work. Drawings of allegorical sparrow figures are transformed into hand-painted costumes reminiscent of parachute-silk Arcimboldos during the process. Multiple reconfigurations of body and space in which words and gestures, movement and drawing, sculpture and language are ceaselessly translated into one another, into a mythological fabric in which everything is metaphorically interwoven; Bang Bang Baroque, Mao Zedong’s Sparrow War encounters traditional dance notations; Oskar Schlemmer and Klaus Nomi, Octavia Butler and Legacy Russel meet in baroque wigs for a ritual dance. A deep sigh; of relief or despair? Exhale, Deflation. Back to work. Until we glitch again, with a cocktail chalice in hand.’

— Maire Glassl

Bang Bang Baroque is currently in post-production and is scheduled to be released in the Winter of 2024.



  • a film by: Emma Waltraud Howes
  • Production Manager AD: Marie Glassl
  • Production Assistance: Elena Popova & Anna van der Veen
  • Aria Monumental Co-Composition & Vocals: Kinga Ötvös
  • Aria Monumental Research: Jess Gadani
  • Metronome Timekeeper: Jao Moon
  • Scorekeeper I & II: Joni Barnard & Annalise Van Even
  • Battle: Eli Cohen
  • Cornucopia: Chia - Ying Chiang & Sonya Levin
  • Narcissist: Przemek Kamiński
  • DOP: Kleber Nascimento
  • Camera Operator: Lena Krenz
  • 1st AC: Boyko Panayotov
  • 2nd AC & Data Wrangler: Adela Asavei
  • Gaffer : Alexander Kain
  • Electricians: Lewin Berninger & Marcel Ruddies
  • Grip: Marlon Koppelkamm
  • DMX Op.: Marc A. Bodenbach
  • Still Photography : Nicholas Ash
  • Sound Recording & Design: Adam Asnan
  • Composition : Jacob Stoy
  • Composition Research: Ethan Braun
  • Costume Design Baroque(n) Tethers: Studio Marta Martino
  • Scorekeepers Attire: Don Aretino & Muyao Zhang
  • Hair Makeup SFX: Caterina Veronesi
  • Hair Makeup Assistant : Fu Okamura
  • Metronome Timekeeper Support: Caterina Veronesi & Cristina Nyffeler
  • Inflatable Sculpture Support: Ursula E. Klein | Schulteswien & Rosa Czernin
  • Glass Support: Rudy Faulkner & Berlin Glas e.V.
  • Scenography Support : Daniel Neubacher
  • Co-production : Kamera Studio Ludwig
  • Kamera Ludwig Project Manager: Thomas Buchholz
  • Lighting Provided by: SUMOLIGHT & Klaus Hamlescher
  • with Additional Gratitude : Big Image & TLT
  • Catering: Farrah Hammadou | TableFarrah
  • Editor: Elisa Purfürst
  • Color Grading : Artem Stretovych
  • Post Production House: The Post Republic

Exhibition History

  • Bang Bang Baroque
    Musée d'art de Joliette
    Joliette, QC

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Bang Bang Baroque was developed through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts #bringingtheartstolife 

Production for the cinematic iteration was generously supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance. 

Research supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance. 

Bang Bang Baroque © Emma Waltraud Howes 2023


Part of Bang Bang Baroque Project