Bang Bang Baroque

no previous experience required

“It is indecent to make a gesture with the left hand alone … never let either of your hands hang down, as if lame or dead”

– Thomas Betterton, actor, 1710

Bang Bang Baroque will contrast traditional gestures of rhetoric with soft head banging to analyze socio-spatial dynamics, and to study the distinct characteristics that inform the interconnections between labour, ritual, and civilization. Through a vigorous and critical analysis of the role that dynamism can play in communication, a diversity of tools will be explored as possible anchors to ground individual and collective expression. This workshop will aim to illustrate that friction is productive when boundaries are respected. Exercises may include Gi Gong meditation, shivering anchors, Baroque Ba Gua, push hands with ghosts, sweeping, as well as voice and movement techniques.


  • Sound Composition: Dylan Spencer-Davidson
Part of Workshops Project