dreiküchenhaus | labor, ritual, and civilization
Hidden Lines of Space: Our House


dreiküchenhaus | labor, ritual, and civilization is a performance that took place within a temporary public sculpture by Julia Horstmann, located in Hamburg’s Neustadt district. In response to the neighborhood, the work consists of a durational performance guided by a single score in three sections, titled Variation I, II, and III. Each section corresponds to the floor plans of three local, historical forms of housing. Guests were invited to negotiate their presence from within the performance by following one of the variations. Each contains diverse vocabularies of movement, rhythm, and manners of walking. When the guest’s movements are seen in relation to each other, they are intended to parallel and accentuate the differences and similarities in the three forms of housing.

Venue: Green space Kornträgergang (in front of house no. 12) 20355 Hamburg


  • Curated by: Annette Hans and Julia Horstmann

Exhibition History

  • Hidden Lines of Space: Our House
    Hamburg, DE
  • Hidden Lines of Space
    Berlin, DE


Curated by Annette Hans and Julia Horstmann as part of Hidden Lines of Space – Our House, Hamburg, 2018

“Hidden Lines of Space – Our House” is a public space, walkable sculpture in Hamburg’s Neustadt. It references past and current floor plans in situ and connects them to other forms of space and living. We shape our buildings first, then they shape us, both as individuals and as part of communities and societies. The implicit values, instructions for use and power relations conveyed in residential structures are addressed thus in four artistic interventions, a talk and a tour.

Part of Scores Project