Giants deliver Diamonds


They will enter and exit your peripheral vision through an instant and constant labor. We invite you to multiply your perspective and gaze at transitional entropy factors, as they oscillate between object and subject. There will be a score to frame these gestural utterances as evidence of a constant and responsive decision-making process. Lucid they saunter: a boy band serenades you, a smoke machine spurts and gurgles. Sedna will stir the pot and shiver to loosen the threads while seals are born from blood, and giants turn refuse into gold. Octopi sleep in this Technicolor dream: frolic inside the murky. Come and go as you please inside these ritualistic agencies.

Giants deliver Diamonds is a presence that I am calling ‘instant labor’, that was presented as part of an ongoing program, ‘Im Zentrum der eigenen Peripherie’ at Studio im HochHaus, Berlin (2019)


  • Sounds: Mars Dietz aka sapphic faggot
  • Soft Sculpture: CargoCult aka Andrea Huyoff and Beate Huss
  • Baroque: Caterina Veronesi

Exhibition History

  • Giants deliver Diamonds
    Studio im HochHaus
    Berlin, DE
Part of Bang Bang Baroque Project