Bang Bang Baroque: workshop + lab
a soft head-banging workshop lab


Wear comfortable attire. No previous experience necessary – just be present.

Bang Bang Baroque is a soft head-banging workshop conceived by Emma Waltraud Howes to practice the benefits of improvisation and adaptability as tools to keep afloat in precarious times.

Through the introduction of practical drawing and movement exercises participants will use their peripheral visions to decisively direct their intentions. Using notation as a frame to work within this process will evolve into a soft head-banging workshop. Through a vigorous and critical analysis of the role that dynamism plays in communication students will explore the malleability of their boundaries and the productivity of friction. Exercises developed by Howes may include: notation, improvisation, Gi Gong meditation, as well as voice and movement techniques.


Exhibition History

  • Bang Bang Baroque
    Picture Berlin
    Berlin, DE
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