(condensed) Score for Subtle Architecture
Homecoming: Perspective Space

carved photograph from performance documentation
15 x 19 cm

Framed and sandwiched between two panels of glass, and positioned to take in the street beyond the exhibition, Subtle Architecture (2007-) stems from a series of durational performances that Howes, a trained dancer, initiated in the public domain. Intrigued by regulatory smoking boundaries painted on the ground in public space – meant to confine activity yet failing to harness the drifting exhalations – the artists set about questioning the psychogeography [1] of such conceptually governed spaces. Chalk lines demarcated her zone of physical movement, yet her gestures mimicked, mirrored, and rearticulated the practiced and subconscious movement of the world, passing by. In reworking, scoring, and discarding portions of documentary images, when held to the light the pieces reveal layers of projected architectures beneath the surface, creating negatively sculpted environs.

[1] As per Colin Ellard, Places of the Heart: The Psychogeography of the Everyday (New York: Bellevue Literary Press, 2015)


  • Text: Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch

Exhibition History

  • Homecomings: Perspective Space
    Kürfürsten Str. 13
    Berlin, DE

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