Scores for Daily Living | Act III


The Canadian artist and dancer Emma Waltraud Howes presents her solo exhibition “Scores for Daily Living” in Q18, which combines internalized and externalized ideas in the form of movements in space with chalk drawings as notations on the floor. Inner narratives, life histories individually inscribed into the body, as well as embodied norms and values ​​find their echo here and are translated into conscious movement structures, which in turn lead to ephemeral chalk drawings with the help of eight specially created drawing objects.

With her participative performance as well as an intensive workshop, Emma Waltraud Howes’ “Scores for Daily Living” invites all recipients to actively participate in the exploration of their own body in the exhibition space. At the same time, Howes also initiates a performative potential in her absence for the individual reflection of the recipient through movement and drawing as artistic forms of expression on the basis of eight open instructions on the walls. The chalk rotations accumulated over time overlap on the floor, blurring and constantly forming new sign systems and narratives in space and time.


  • Curated by: Julia Katharina Thiemann

Exhibition History

  • Scores for Daily Living
    Quartier Am Hafen
    Köln, DE


Scores for Daily Living is curated by Julia Katharina Thiemann within the scope of the exhibition series> de-situate?! <At Q18 in Cologne, through the generous support of the Canadian Embassy of Berlin, Stadt Köln, and Quartier Am Hafen.

Part of Scores Project