Scores for Daily Living | Act I
Enthalpy of System and Surrounding | Seven Variations + One, Compression of Eight

eight drawings tools, chalk, durational performance

Scores for Daily Living was created as a performance methodology to explore interdependencies – techniques for the comprehension of internalized borders, methods for translation and magnification to an external site, and an oscillation between interior and exterior dynamics. The performance accumulates over the course of eight days and results in written scores on the gallery floor by means of eight drawing tools; compositions representative of a stage in the development from concept and intention to depiction and effect.

Exhibition History

  • Conglomerate: Block 5
    Kino Moviemento
    Berlin, DE
  • «I hear you» (Jeg hører deg )
    Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag
    Namsos, NL
  • Hidden Lines of Space
    Berlin, DE

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