Tether for an Engagement

digital print
edition 3 + 1 | 84.1 x 118.9 cm

Tether for an Engagement consists of a written agreement that is intended to define the following roles and relations of all parties involved in the presentation of performances: THE ARTWORK (Object(s)) / PERFORMER(s)(Subject(s)), SPECTATOR(s) / THE INSTITUTION. The document is utilized in the exhibition as a means to encourage the responsibility of each party toward the events that unfold in the space. It aims to acknowledge the concept that social relations are a sum of interconnections and social responsiveness. The agreement is a work in progress that has been developed through the creation of Scores for Daily Living at the Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag, Namsos, The Nine Returns to the One at The Place, London, and Scores for Daily Living at the Zil Cultural Center, Moscow.



  • Layout design: Franziska Morlok

Exhibition History

  • «I hear you» (Jeg hører deg)
    Kunstmueet Nord-Trøndelag
    Namsos, NL
  • The Nine Returns to the One
    The Place
    London, UK
  • The Nine Returns to the One
    Berlin, DE
  • Tether for an Engagement
    Solyanka VPA
    Moscow, DE

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