Zweite Heimat
Subcutaneous Polymorphic Animalcules


Zweite Heimat: Subcutaneous Polymorphic Animalcules was developed through a series of performances that encountered the streets and public spaces of Alberta (Subtle Architectures, 2007), Montreal, Granby, (Subtle Architectures Subtiles, 2008 – 2009), Germany (Subtile Architekturen, 2010) and London (Subcutaneous ‘Ha-has’ and the Evolution of Polymorphic Animalcules, 2014). These actions, both systematic and improvised, were defined by the spaces in which they were enacted with incremental delineations of the performance boundaries adapting to the contexts in which they were presented. Recently this work has been performed in gallery settings through the interior spaces of Me Collectors Room, Berlin (Multiply Perspective … Minute Organism: Cabinet Curiosity Parts Collector, 2014) and to appear at Post-Otherness-Wedding on the occasion of their inauguration. As a temporary ‘Zweite Heimat’ for the evolution of this work, POW offered a peripheral focus on this ongoing labour as an intensification of a process of incorporation/adaptation, and to consider this position as an amorphous state.

Exhibition History

  • Zweite Heimat
    Berlin, DE