Subtle Architecture Subtiles
Dare-Dare | Montreal

altered photographs from performance documentation
10 x 15 cm

Subtle Architectures Subtiles is a series of performances created for the city and intended for the public: a process wherein a performer places her body in hidden and abandoned city sites to magnify details, and engage public space socially and physically. The variation of this process proposed for the context of Montreal, included a series of actions in various sites where DARE DARE’s trailer had been located since the beginning of dis/location. Participants were invited to join in these performative walks: to magnify the impact the environment had on their gestures and daily social interactions, alter perceptions of these spaces, and to highlight the human capacity to adapt to spatial-temporal constraints.

Exhibition History

  • Subtle Architekturen
    Crash!Boom!Bau! Festival Bauhaus Year
    Jena, DE
  • Subtle Architectures Subtiles
    3e impérial
    Granby, CA
  • Subtle Architectures Subtiles
    Montreal, CA
  • Subtle Architectures
    Latitude 53
    Edmonton, CA
Part of Subtle Architectures Project
Part of Carve Project