UNFURL a Jukebox Musical: a shareable cypher
ShareHolders I: Montag Modus


Justin F. Kennedy, Emma Waltraud Howes, Ethan Braun, Marcel Darienzo, Caterina Veronesi and Marta Martino, prepare a jukebox musical for Montag Modus. The performance ‘Unfurl the Jukebox Musical: a shareable cypher’ is a patchwork of dancehall-inflected pop songs. It is set on Twyland, a mythical planet where the currency of vulnerability is apparent, and songs and movement become vehicles for rebirth. The performers emerge from an icy fridge to thaw over the course of the performance. This artificial environment acknowledges and celebrates our imminent decay, through a slow process of becoming digestible. Displaced by our environmental crisis, the guest is faced with the reality of arriving—becoming adaptable and entertaining a new place. As the performers melt, guests are warmly invited to actively engage in this world. The work reclaims the value of a live experience that rejects notions of individual authorship in favour of collaborations that expand towards, with, and for others.



  • Concept & Realization: Justin F. Kennedy, Emma Waltraud Howes
  • Performance & Realization: Marcel Darienzo
  • Music Composition: Ethan Braun
  • SFX: Caterina Veronesi
  • Costumes: Marta Martino

Exhibition History

  • ShareHolders
    Berlin, DE


“ShareHolders” is a three-part project of the Montag Modus interdisciplinary series about practices and politics of sharing. For the kick-off event, Montag Modus collaborates with radialsystem and will move into its spaces for a week.

“ShareHolders I” takes experiences of societal and environmental changes at its starting point to explore the necessary conditions for coming together, for tending to environments and to each other in a post pandemic world. Through a range of performative strategies, somatic techniques and queer re-imaginings it investigates what it means to share space; the responsibilities to hold and the strategies to claim space. The performance-exhibition will host different practices of sharing by proposing and realizing multiple forms of access and participation.