Symphony of a Missing Room
by Lundohl & Seitl


“In our work, bodily states, which are very different, become almost like a musician’s score.”
Martina Seitl

Symphony of a Missing Room investigates the phenomenology of memory, activating the most diverse layers of meaning and forms of seeing – all simultaneously. Removed from the visible and tangible world by opaque snow goggles and wireless headphones, the visitors move through the museum aided by a combination of audio instructions and touches by trained ‘guides’.


  • Concept & Realization : Christer Lundahl & Matina Seitl
  • Assistant Director: Rachel Alexander
  • Performers: Bikash Chatterjee, Martin Heise, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Emma Waltraud Howes

Exhibition History

  • Symphony of a Missing Room
    Berlin, DE


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